Basic Cube, Sphere, and Node Models

Here are the first models for CvS:

The Basic Cube

The Basic Sphere

The Unclaimed Node

These are of course not skinned as of yet but Tyler should be uploading some skinned versions soon.


Organics Basic Unit Concept Art

These are a few sketches of the basic forms of the spheres/organics that I did. The forms include the meat n' potatoes unit, attacker, defender, and scout/ranged attacker. Next I'll be doing some of the cubes/mechanicles.


Cubes Vs. Squares

CvS Tagline- Cubes vs. Spheres is a real time strategy game that focuses on developing your units to powerful forms by fusing them together and unleashing them on your unsuspecting enemy in this fun two player multilayer game.

Units & Structures:

Basic Unit Abilities- The basic unit comes in the form of a Bioblob or Mechanocube according to your respective team. Listed below are all the abilities that every basic unit has.

-Capture: The ability to capture nodes and capture home bases.

-Attack: The capacity to engage enemies in combat.

-Defend: The ability to dampen enemy damage aimed against them.

-Move: The power of mobility.

Advanced Units & Fusing- In the game all basic units possess the ability to advance to one of three distinct units, the scout, defender and the attacker. Once a unit has been advanced, it has the ability to combine with another advanced unit regardless of type with a maximum of 3 evolution levels for the unit.

-Attackers: Attackers are the melee units in the game specializing in close combat. The

more melee units you combine the more damage they will do.

-Defenders: Defenders are the damage absorbers taking less damage from attacks that could

otherwise do significant damage. When combined with other unit branches it makes the unit have more damage absorption. Defenders gravitate towards the closest enemy within its sphere of influence. .

-Scouts: Scouts are the agile units with the ability to shoot weak ranged attacks. When combined with other units from separate branches they become quicker.

**Nodes**- Nodes are the capture points of the map. (Next statement is temporary due to the removal of the home base and the lack of another victory condition) In order to win the game you have to capture more than half the nodes on the map holding them long enough for the activated timer to reach zero. Nodes also produce more spheres for your controlling, however, it only creates them one at time automatically rallying the created units to the player's designated Node.


(Left Click)

(Right Click)

Selecting Units

Node Rally

Moving Units

Attacking Units


Visual Cues:

White light: When the player mouses over a potential action (With the exception of moving) the object of interaction is highlighted with a white light so that the player knows what it is his units will be interacting with.

Node Rally Light: When a player left clicks on a node the node is lit up to display its role as the unit rallier.

Creep (Territory): Creep is a visual cue telling the player that he controls the node associated with that territory. This is done by showing a distinctive team related texture or color that covers the entire expanse of ground on the controlled area.